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Adults with Children

Men or Women with Children

IVRS residential treatment program, located in the City of Upland, includes a component where children can accompany their parent while in treatment. Often times people would seek much needed residential treatment, if only they had someone to care for their child(ren). IVRS offers a solution to the problem. Men and women can enter treatment with up to two (2) children aged 0-12 years. IVRS’ employs a Child Development Specialist that evaluates children in need of specialized counseling and other services, and makes appropriate referrals. Men or women with children receive all services as described for residential programs, as well as specialized parenting education and life skills instruction. In addition, IVRS collaborates with the Department of Children and Family Services to reunite families torn apart by alcohol and drug use.  Families can coordinate their admission into the program at the same time for enhanced family services.  

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