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Co-occurring & Dual Disorder Counseling

Simultaneous Treatment of Both Conditions is Key

Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders often have serious and complex impairments in multiple areas, in addition to drug abuse and mental illness. Clients with severe mental and substance use disorders often have poorer outcomes, expressed as higher rates of relapse, hospitalization, depression and suicide risk. Clients with  a co-occurring disorder often experience more severe and chronic medical, social, and emotional problems. Because they have two disorders, they are vulnerable to both alcohol/drug relapse and a worsening of the mental health disorder(s). To provide appropriate treatment for this complex population, IVRS contracts with a psychiatric group that provides evaluations and medication consultations weekly to ensure that both conditions are treated simultaneously - a key element in successful recovery for individuals with co-occurring disorders. In addition, IVRS’ employs a number of Licensed Practitioner of Healing Arts (LPHA)- Marriage and Family Therapist, and Clinical Social workers that assists with the counseling and treatment of these individuals when necessary.

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