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Therapy Can Help You

Therapy can help you... Improve communications skills—learn how to express yourself in a way that supports your self-esteem; increase your ability to listen and have others listen to you. Reduce anxiety, stress and depression by developing more effective coping skills. Develop a sense of freedom from past relationships and long-standing family issues, change old patterns of behavior and find new, healthier ways to interact with family and friends. Heal painful emotional wounds from past grief and trauma. Develop effective problem solving skills for dealing with issues of daily life. Improve your self-esteem and increase your sense of self-efficacy. Increase your ability to love yourself and love others—enrich your relationships with a greater capacity for respect, compassion, and joy.

Multi-Family Groups

Multi-family groups provide a forum to help families of the people served change and improve the way they interact. This is accomplished through working to increase understanding and facilitate communication within the family unit. Effective family therapy does not place the blame on any one family member. Instead, as an important member of your own family, you are each encouraged to express and explore your feelings and become more aware of your role in the family system. The groups are available to all family members and signifigant others aged 14 and above. Benefits of Therapy Many people find therapy to be helpful in facilitating their personal growth, improving their relationships (both personal and at work), addressing family concerns and coping with stresses of day-to-day living.

Couple's Counseling

$10 Per Couple
Addiction and recovery can strain relationships. IVRS designed this group to provide an intimate forum where couples can discuss various topics including, but not limited to communication; trust; interpersonal issues; and relapse concerns. Groups are facilitated by skilled clinicians. Whatever the issue may be, you or your partner can bring it to this group and receive beneficial feedback.

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